Getting Started with Photography: Part 2 – Choosing a System

One of the very first questions asked by potential photographers is “what camera should I buy?”┬ábut really it’s not just as simple as which camera to buy but also which camera system do you buy into. Let me explain, an SLR camera requires lenses to function and lenses are specific to their various systems as they tend to have manufacturer specific lens mounts. Not only that, but even within manufacturers there can be several different lens mounts. An example here is the Canon system where the older “FD” mount were almost exclusively manual focus lenses, where as the later “EF” mount lenses were auto focusing and did not work on “FD” mount cameras. To confuse matters further, there are now “EF-S” and “EF-M” lenses for the crop sensor and mirror-less systems which don’t work on non-compatible Canon cameras.

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