Who am I?

I am Simon.

A simple answer to an impossibly difficult question.

We need some form of identification to allow us to be known in this world, but personally I’d rather you knew me for┬ámy thoughts and actions rather than my name. And so, I am Simon.

This website is really just a portal for me to put forward my view on the various diverse things I take an interest in. I hope you find the information useful, or at least interesting to read.

I’ll no doubt write at length describing my experiences, and sharing the insights I have gained through my personal journey in life on both practical and trivial matters, ranging from my interest in photography or tea, to useful day to day topics such as polishing one’s shoes.

I do not claim to be an expert in any field, but am an avid researcher and will be using this forum to relay my findings and experiences.

Nice to meet you.

I hope you enjoy reading this website and become a regular visitor. I’d love to hear your thoughts so please comment.



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